Branding for Terra Cotta Artists by Anagrama

mg_anagrama1 mg_anagrama2 mg_anagrama3 mg_anagrama4 mg_anagrama5 mg_anagrama6 mg_anagrama7 mg_anagrama8 mg_anagrama9

Mexico-based studio Anagrama is one of my favorites to watch for branding. They create beautifully striking work, oftentimes with geometric perfection. Their style is clearly represented across their work, but they manage to capture the essence of their clients in each of their projects. This branding for Tabarka Studio, who specialize in artisan, handcrafted terra cotta work. By combining the repetition and pattern of tiles with the natural, earthy nature of terra cotta—which literally means “baked earth” in Italian, Anagrama pointed out—a brand emerged that is both modern and old, clean and tattered.

Anagrama explains their design decisions further:

“Our design approach embraces that archaic timelessness in every single stationery piece, not only in the blue and white scale pattern, but also in the choice of heavy, porous paper they’re printed on. To emphasize and project the brand’s prime product, the logotype’s icon and the stationery’s patterns are reminiscent of tile placing and patterns.”

>> See more of Anagrama’s work at



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