“In Her Mind” for Idol Magazine with Alana Dee Haynes

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Alana Dee Haynes is an artist worth following. I’ve featured her twice on the blog (here and here), and I’m continually impressed with her work. I found this editorial photo shoot for Idol Magazine through a retweet by @AlanaDeeHaynes herself, but didn’t notice it was her who had retweeted it. After perusing the gallery, I was pleasantly surprised to see Alana Dee Haynes credited as the illustrator.

Assuming she used her past methods, Haynes took black ink to photographs, manipulating them entirely by adding patterns to plain white clothing and creating environments in which the model exists. Her precision makes the illusions believable, as it often seems her illustrations are physically present in the shot. The end product is visually stunning work that dazzles the eye.

Photographer: Jakub Koziel 
Illustrator: Alana Dee Haynes 
Stylist: Eliza Murray 
Make up: Marta Gacka 
Model: Lotta Korkala @ Elite London


>> See more of Alana Dee Hayne’s work at alanadeehaynes.com.


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