Collage of Broken China by Sandra Shashou

mg_shashou1 mg_shashou1b mg_shashou2 mg_shashou2b  mg_shashou3b mg_shashou3mg_shashou4 mg_shashou4b  mg_shashou5b mg_shashou5mg_shashou6 mg_shashou6b

London-based artist Sandra Shashou, who primarily works in abstract painting and collage, ventures away from her usual mediums in her series, Broken, in which she creates sculptures from fine bone china, which she finds in markets and and breaks into pieces before “reinvent[ing] them in the form of a collage of broken china on canvas.”  She is a storyteller, and her artworks are oftentimes connected to the biography of a subject, through newspaper headlines and relevant objects. In Broken, “Shashou has taken this one step further to imbue each broken piece of china with a hidden wealth of history, value and meaning.”

You can purchase her work at Saatchi.

>> See more of Sandra Shashou’s work at


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