“IRÉEL” :: Painting & Photographs by Flora Borsi

mg_borsi21 mg_borsi22 mg_borsi23 mg_borsi24 mg_borsi25 mg_borsi26 mg_borsi27 mg_borsi28 mg_borsi29 mg_borsi30

By combining painting and photography, Budapest-based artist Flora Borsi asks, “At first sight, what do you think?” She explains further:

“In this series called “IRÉEL” I mixed photographic elements with painting techniques. A hyperrealist painter aims to achieve a result which looks like a real photographic picture. A pictorialist photographer’s desired result is visually equivalent to a painting. The photographs are real, I’ve just applied some color/toning effects, adjusted the contrast and a few skin retouch. “

I previously featured Flora Borsi on Minimo Graph—you can see it here.

>> See more of Flora Borsi’s work at floraborsi.com.


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