Matt W. Moore’s Geometric Typography Calendar

Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_0 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_1 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_2 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_3 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_4 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_5 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_6 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_7 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_8 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_9 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_10 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_11 Matt_W_Moore_2015_Calendar_12

Friend of the blog Matt W. Moore (read his interview and two features, here and here) is at it again; this time exploring the medium of the calendar in colorful geometric fashion. Abstract patterns curve and angle in unique artworks for each month. You can pre-order these 11×17 calendars right now, and they’ll ship out on December 1st.

>> Get Matt W. Moore’s 2015 Wall Calendar here.

>> See more of Matt W. Moore’s work at


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