Shapes on Faces: Etnia Cosmetics Ad Campaign

mg_etnia1 mg_etnia2 mg_etnia3 mg_etnia4
Art direction & Concept: Lavernia & Cienfuegos & Neo2 / Ipsum Planet.
Photographer: José Morraja
Making of: Gsus Fernández
Makeup: De María
Model: Olga at Trends Models BCN

“One Night Stand” :: Minimalist Tables by Andrea Kac

mg_kac1 mg_kac2 mg_kac3 mg_kac4 mg_kac5 mg_kac6 mg_kac7 mg_kac8

This night stand and these two side tables are beautiful artworks by industrial designer Andrea Kac. Kac explains the first piece “One Night Stand”, the one in yellow, a combination of beauty and practicality born out of a need in her own life:

“My experience when moving to my first apartment was living with the fewest furniture as possible, firstly because I was trying to save and second because I wanted those few items to be very well designed. Though with time I furnished my home the way I wanted I never was able to find the RIGHT night table.

For a small apartment one just needs one night table to put next to the sofa bed that should be compact, have a strong graphic design to it and help one get all those small objects organized. This is why One Night Stand was designed, an updated version of a basic night table thought for today’s real needs.
It is important that it helps solve the problem of keeping the mobile charger plugged in a neat way, leaving all ugly cords out of sight. It was also important that it had a strong graphic feel, making a presence in the room instead of going unnoticed as most night tables. The name plays with the concept of only needing ONE night table, making this long forgotten piece of furniture young and fresh again.”
The second two pieces, side tables called “Anywhere Sideboards” are created from a similar aesthetic and with the same practicality in mind:
“If in a fresh start I find it interesting designing a small side board first.

But one compact, modular, eye-catching piece that could work anywhere across the room. Normally, side boards seem visually heavy, taking up all this space next to our wall to give us some storage space.
But what if we rethink it as a more lighter piece, easier to move around and to add up if we need more storage space. Playing with the concept of what can be seen and what is kept put away I designed the doors with a cut out design that lets you peep a little without revealing the contents. This makes the box space of the furniture less solid, making it lighter to the eye as well as giving it a modern graphic feel making it look young and fresh.”

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Dad.G Part 2: Colorful Creatures

mg_dadg21mg_dadg24mg_dadg26mg_dadg23mg_dadg22 mg_dadg22b   mg_dadg29 mg_dadg30

In this second group of Dad.G’s paintings are fascinating scenes of creatures that blend in to the colorful compositions. They are simply organic shapes, but clearly a presence. They kind of creep behind other shapes and peer out at the viewer. These paintings are very different than the first group in the previous post, which goes to show the talent and versatility of Dad.G.

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Dad.G Part 1: Paintings in Motion

mg_dadg1 mg_dadg2 mg_dadg3 mg_dadg3b mg_dadg3c mg_dadg3d mg_dadg3f OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dad.G is one of my new favorite artists. I’m so excited about his paintings, I’m devoting two posts to his work. This first group of paintings is extraordinary in color and composition. The shapes and colors have some African influence, and the second, taller blue one even reminds me of antique Asian pottery. There is so much motion.

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